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If you are a Christian and God is leading you into a Reformed Baptist understanding of Scripture or if you are interested in studying more about the Sovereignty of God, his mercy and his grace,  please contact us .

Pray about it. Meditate on God's Word for direction. And then contact us if this is where He leads you. Information to the left sidebar will also answer many of your questions and perhaps lead to even more questions that we may consider together.

Or perhaps you would like to learn more about Jesus and his gospel. Please contact us and we would be happy to meet with you for coffee and conversation. 

Providence Reformed Bible Church
West Monroe, LA 71292
      Phone: 318-235-4721   

1.  We are a Reformed Baptist Church.   We support and teach the 5 Solas of the Reformation in the light of the Holy Scriptures.

2.  We are a Confessional church, believing our confession to be a point of contact between brothers and sisters for Bible discussion and for offering a summary of our understanding of the Bible.

3.  We believe the Holy Bible is the authoritative Word of God and is the rule and guide for all our own  actions , beliefs, and teaching.

4.  We teach the Doctrines of Grace that men may know themselves, and thus cry out to God for forgiveness, justification, and salvation.

5.  We observe two sacraments/ordinances in the church:
Baptism and the Lord's Supper.
Who We Are
(What is Providence Reformed Bible Church?)
       Site updated as of 28 May 2012
Providence Reformed Bible Church of West Monroe is no longer meeting at this time.  Please join us in worship at Edgewood Reformed Baptist Church in West Monroe on 501 Travis St. behind West Monroe High School Auditorium. 

Sermons  for Providence may still be downloaded from